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Jumping into the fire in McCall, Idaho

Smokejumpers are a true national resource. They train and risk their lives to parachute into the middle of wildland fires all across the country. Since 1939, these American heroes have been largely trained and located in the Pacific Northwest. In particular, the base in McCall, Idaho — home to 70 of these brave souls — celebrates their 75th year in service this year.

When this crew is ‘off-the-clock’ they love to hunt together — and elk is their speciality. Watch as Brett Bittenbender, a 33 year veteran smokejumper, throws back a few Budweisers over Elk burgers he hunted himself in the Idaho back country.

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“Smokejumpers are a hugely tight knit group. You’re in, you’re out, you see the best and worst of people.”

— Brett Bittenbender

“Budweiser is an amazing beer to pair with food. It is balanced and has a sweetness that compliments nearly every dish. And, it is incredible at clearing the palate to allow the eater to move from one flavorful course to another without any carryover of flavors.” —Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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“Bud and burgers are just a pairing of American classics. With something like an elk burger, a Budweiser cuts the meat’s natural fats with its CO2 and bit of bitterness.”

Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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