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Round up the crew in Greenough, Montana

Montana is full of unspoiled wilderness. A longstanding frontier for pioneers and self-starters, this area of the country is known for hard work — and for making the most of the land and resources around them. No one knows that better than Jackie Kecskes, an Equestrian Manager who is famous for making people comfortable on horseback, and sharing stories along the Black Butte river.

Jackie’s story is a true American classic. She shares her journey dining under an open-sky over a piece of meat ‘the size of your head.’

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“The Mustang is a wild animal. They are living history. And if you go back to what I do to embody the traditions of the American West. How better to do that than with the animal that has seen it all.”

— Jackie Kecskes

“Budweiser is an amazing beer to pair with food. It is balanced and has a sweetness that compliments nearly every dish. And, it is incredible at clearing the palate to allow the eater to move from one flavorful course to another without any carryover of flavors.” —Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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“With a classic piece of American red meat, the CO2 and bitterness of a Budweiser are amazing at cutting the mouthfeel from the meat’s natural fats; making the perfect complement to a classic cut.”

Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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