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Passion Runs Deep in Bend, Oregon

Hundreds of food carts have changed the way that people in the PNW — and America — eat. In fact, there are more than 475 open at any given time. Oregon’s food truck pods have become places for communities of people to gather, trade stories and introduce people to new flavors.

That dynamic comes alive at a reclaimed mechanics shop in Bend, Oregon, where food truck pods help define a transformed cultural hub for beer-heads and gear-heads. Open Garage Night serves up the best of American food flavors alongside Bend’s DIY attitude — all served straight from the truck.

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“You come in, you know people’s names, you know their stories. That’s a lot of why this place was created. Food truck culture… is critical to that sense of community. It’s symbiotic.”

— Priscilla White

“Budweiser is an amazing beer to pair with food. It is balanced and has a sweetness that compliments nearly every dish. And, it is incredible at clearing the palate to allow the eater to move from one flavorful course to another without any carryover of flavors.” —Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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“With this chicken sandwich, Budweiser couldn’t be a better pairing as the spiciness can linger on the palate. Budweiser has a crispness and late mild bitter to clear these flavors and make room for the next bite.”

Tim Seltz, Brewmaster

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