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An immigrant from Piedras Negras in Coahuila, Mexico, Felipe Hernandez moved to Eastern Washington in 1957 to work in agriculture. Decades later, his American Dream continued when he opened Los Hernandez Tamales in 1990 in partnership with his wife June and daughter Rachel. The Hernandez family passion blends their heritage with the local ingredients (like pepper jack cheese + locally grown asparagus) — through tamales only.

The flavor of both their story and their food caught the attention of the James Beard Foundation this year: Los Hernandez Tamales was named an American Classic winner, one of only 100 other restaurants in the country to win that award since 1998. It is the first Washington state restaurant outside of Seattle to win the award. It’s a bold and authentic story that could only pair with another American classic, Budweiser.

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“I needed a job so I created my own job. Its hard work but at the end of the day when the customers come through and compliment you on what you are doing, there’s no better feeling.”

— Felipe Hernandez

“Budweiser is an amazing beer to pair with food. It is balanced and has a sweetness that compliments nearly every dish. And, it is incredible at clearing the palate to allow the eater to move from one flavorful course to another without any carryover of flavors.” —Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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“Not only does the bit of bitterness help cut the mouthfeel of fats from the cheesy goodness inside a tamale, but one of the best things about a Budweiser is that it is incredible at clearing the palate to allow the taster to move from one flavorful course to another without carryover of flavors. This beer’s crispness and late mild bitter clears the spiciness of the tamale flavor from the palate, allowing you to enjoy bite after bite.”

Tim Seitz, Brewmaster

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